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Houston Professional Organizer specializes in helping busy professionals with the overwhelming process of organizing, downsizing and unpacking. We can help you organize your: closet, home office, kitchen, garage, bathroom, junk drawers and also help clients with pre-move purging, home staging and unpacking services. Together we can find helpful solutions to solve a variety of storage and organization problems.
Our team will organize and de-clutter your home and office so you can spend more time growing your business, with your family and friends or pursuing your hobbies. A clutter free environment allows new energy to flow and should be the first step when wanting to achieve changes in life.

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The reason is emotional insecurity. Being surrounded by possessions can make some people feel more ‘real’, there is evidence of their existence all around them. These possessions hold memories and getting rid of them can feel as though the memories are being thrown away. However, problems occur when people keep too much. They become overwhelmed and don’t have room to allow new memories and experiences into their life. Clutter may seem a small problem, but it compounds other problems, and distracts you from what really matters in your life. Professional organizing is not about hiding clutter, storing clutter, or organizing clutter; it is about getting rid of clutter. European Professional Organizer takes you through these steps in more detail and guides you through the decluttering process: helping you to bring control, order, harmony, freedom and best of all, self-respect, back into your life.



“Let me just say that Magda is the best.  She keeps my life in order and has a fantastic attitude. Highly recommend her for help for moving, organizing anything under the sun, or routine personal assistant tasks”- Andrew P, Houston, TX  click here to SEE complete review on Yelp

“We moved from San Diego to Houston for our jobs and the stress of moving had gotten to us. She was so professional and fast and was able to help me unpack and organize our whole master bedroom and kitchen in 3 hours. Her organization and expertise will save you time you time and stress and is worth every penny!”- Joy L, Houston TX  click here to SEE complete review on Yelp

“Unbelievable! This is by far the most valuable in service and price.  Magda is incredible at what she does, and in my case, was everything I needed. I thought organizing my mess would take a week.  We did it all in 5.5 hours much to my surprise and satisfaction.  She is excellent at organizing all kinds of random stuff.  I recommend her for big messes and small, giving sound advice on what to keep.  Can’t say enough fantastic about her.  Thank you, Magda.”- Lori R, Houston TX, click here to SEE complete review on Yelp


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