About Houston Professional Organizer | Closet Organizer

Magdalena Bogdan, owner and founder of European Professional Organizer in Houston, TX.  She is originally from Poland. Magdalena has had a passion for organizing and helping others and began her European Professional Organizer in Houston service in 2006. She has removed clutter and organized homes and offices for hundreds of clients in Houston,TX.

Houston Professional Organizer helps individuals transform dysfunctional cluttered areas into organized and functional spaces while using her common sense skills and European approach in implementing systems that work.

Towers of paper, jam-packed closets, misplaced items, and out-of-control task lists – Magdalena have helped hundreds of Houstonians to conquer these challenges, and  can do the same for you.

• Declutter and tidy your space.
• Design functional storage solutions and labeling.
• Sort and disposing, donating or selling.
• Assistance with moving and packing.
• Re-think your furniture placement and redesign.
• Develop household or office filing system.
• Help organize children’s rooms
• Reorganize your home office

HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER will also determine what to:

• Keep.
• Discard.
• Sell.
• Give for charity.
• Move to another room in your house.


European Professional Organizer Houston can help you make a plan and get organized.  With her experience, guidance and  enthusiasm she can make any organizing challenge easier.   Let her love for organizing be your motivation to achieve your goals.

We will not judge you or your mess. Quite the opposite – we  want to help you. We care about people’s struggles to get and stay organized and will bring our experience and knowledge about organizing to each client.


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