Houston professional organizer services 

For almost 10 years Houston Professional Organizer have helped hundreds of Houstonians tackle a wide variety of home organization projects. She’ve seen it all. Some of  her clients she has worked with have needed help re-directing their behavior. Some are stashers. Some are stackers. Others are pilers, spreaders, suffers and hiders. You name it, she has seen it.

Houston professional organizer services are available whether you are a part of a busy family, a fast paced professional, a person with ADD/ADHD, or dealing with time management or task management and clutter issues, Magdalena can help.

She uses strategies with her clients to develop custom organizing solutions for each unique person. She works with you to create simple systems and an organized arrangement of your space and belongings that are not only functional but stylish.

Houston Professional Organizer Services Including:

• Organize Kitchen/Pantry
• Organize Family Room & Living Room
• Organize Closet
Organize Bedroom
• Organize Children’s Room
Organize Home Office
• Garages and Storage Areas
• Organize Laundry Room
• Organize Bathroom
Organize Junk drawers
• Organize Photographs
• Clutter removal and much more..

Situational disorganization solutions

Many people look around at their clutter and feel ashamed. They wonder why they can’t get it together. When I find out that someone has been through a divorce and a death in the same year, I want to help them see that the disorder that surrounds them is not their fault.  All of us can become overwhelmed by the unexpected.  Change is often difficult to make and hard to adjust to.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with your belongings in your environment due to a situational change – European Professional Organizer Houston takes a positive approach towards the future and  can help you make a plan and get organized.

• Marriage – merging households.
• New baby – making room and organizing systems.
• Divorce – letting go for a new start.
• Death – letting go of and inheritance of belongings.
• Moving – declutter before a move/purging and new home settling.
• Home Staging (House for Sale) – removing clutter to create a great first impression.


Magdalena can also help with:
• Downsizing – together we can develop a plan for moving into a smaller home.
Unpacking – Let me reduce the stress and help you with unpacking your belongings so you can settle into your new home as quickly as possible.
Personal Assistant, Concierge & Support to Busy Professionals (Pay Bills, Filing, Data Entry, House Sitting, Personal Shopping, Gift Wrapping, Travel Planning,  etc.)


Let my love for organizing be your motivation to achieve your goals.