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What to Expect the First Time We Meet During Our On-Site Assessment/ Free Consultation?

Picking up the phone to call us is the hardest part.  We understand the embarrassment and anxiety that can often accompany letting a stranger into your home or office when you are struggling with organization.  That’s why European Professional Organizer Houston will walk into your space with no judgement and feel honored you chose us to enter your home.  We want to see your home or office in its natural state to understand your true challenges.  Staying organized is not easy.  On our first visit we assess your space and develop a plan to help you stop procrastinating, arguing with family members, and spending your precious time trying to find what you need – when you need it.  No more embarrassment trying to come up with an “excuse” when someone drops in unexpectedly or opens “that closet” – the one that you use to store the clutter!  Organization makes our lives easier and saves time.


European Professional Organizer Houston can help you make a plan and get organized.  With her experience, guidance and  enthusiasm she can make any organizing challenge easier.

Magdalena has  organized, homes, offices and small businesses in Houston since 2008.  Let her love for organizing be your motivation to achieve your goals.


Our On-Site Assessment lasts from 15-30 min and we complete the following steps:

  1. We will tour your rooms and offer suggestions to make each space more efficient, orderly and in-line with your true vision for the space

  2. We will talk with you to identify your problem areas and personal organizing challenges

  3. I will suggest to buy containers, bins, hangers when needed to accomplish an organizing project.


Feeling overwhelmed?

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Magdalena can transform your home into an organized, attractive, functional, nurturing space.


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